The Black Heart Procession Biography

bhpFrom the still-warm ashes of Three Mile Pilot, and Clikitat Ikatowi comes this trio from San Diego, who quickly disassembles “proper” rock music’s norms, foundations, and limitations re-making it as they see fit on the eleven songs here.

Ever heard a rock and roll band using either a xylophone, some sheet-metal, a saw or a water-phone? Neither have I. I don’t even think I’ve ever heard the latter instrument before. They do use bass, drums, and fairly minute amounts of actual guitars thanks, and there’s also piano and organ as well, but it’s not executed in a self-conscious ‘Look at us! We’re weird!’ way, like, say The Residents, or Primus. Neither band can write an actualtune, and that’s the major difference here.

Though The Black Heart Procession are a trio, live you can witness anywhere from two to eight people playing their songs, among whom, “Release My Heart” stands waaay out on this cd. A very impressive beginning.

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