Blue Meanies Biography

blueThe Blue Meanies, hailing from Chicago, have always been very observant about life and the conditions around them. Their career, which commenced in 1991, has always had the important aspect of being entertaining yet socially conscious. Punk is often defined (rightly or wrongly) as being angry music. Angry at everything or everyone. The Blue Meanies are angry but angry at the right things. Their CD,The Post Wave is full of hard edged music that is a combination of social satire and observations about the often hypocritical state of society. Frontman Billy Spunke calls it, “bizarro punk”.

The Blue Meanies formed in 1991 and established a reputation for being a fast paced punk group that included elements of ska, rock and even thrash. It also developed a reputation for rotating members in and out of it faster than supermarkets gain or lose people. Usually a seven member group, they have added or subtracted a total of twelve people since the group’s inception. Intense live shows along with strong performances have developed a loyal fan base. The release of The Post Wave, produced by Phil Nicolo of Cypress Hill fame, should do one of two things. It could increase their fan base due to the added elements of more genres within this release. It could disappoint traditional fans of their music since they might argue that they have betrayed their roots and sold out to big industry.

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