AC Acoustics Biography


Scotland is one of those places where everything about the music scene is cool: the clubs, the bands and the fans. However, despite this cool status, local bands and artists have had trouble gaining exposure beyond their own backyard, which has spelt the splitting up of too many talented groups, and a divine loss to the music world of perhaps the next “true thing”. Stuck amongst the hordes that come and go may be the next Rolling Stones, or the next Beatles, or even the next Graham Parker.

Glasgow band ac acoustics is one such example of the breadth of talent that exists in the land of Scots. Mellow, in the purest example of the word, ac acoustics live up to their moniker in haunting, exquisite terms. Despite the lack of attention given to the genre of Mellow in the days of Bizkit, these quiet lads seem determined to define a new, original brand of music.

Behind the vision exists a band that has stuck out days of good and band. Despite a lack of widespread publicity, ac acoustics have played together since 1990, when the band dabbled “with noisy experimentalism and film soundtracks”. Releasing their debut album Able Treasury in 1994, the band followed with the critically acclaimed Victory Parts in 1997.

Held in great respect with their peers, ac acoustics have toured with Placebo, Stereophonics and Embrace.

Their latest release, Understanding Music appears as a bold plea to music: people, go beyond the cheap tendencies of money-pop and return to rock music as an art form with feeling. Every song stands alone as powerful, and every lyrics asks for a passionate response. The listener is lead on a musical journey that is difficult to parallel. Combining soft instrumentals with powerful, intimate songwriting, ac acoustic’s Understanding Music is rock music defined as Art, and succeeds brilliantly. A rare combination indeed.



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