Wide Mouth Mason Biography


School-boy friends Shaun Verreault (guitar), Safwan Jared (drums) and Earl Pereria (bass) came together officially in 1996, although they had all played together numerous times growing up. Picture a scene in Saskatchewan, a province usually thought of for its general flatness and wheat, of two young boys (Shawn and Safwan) banging on the pots and pans of a mother’s kitchen, beating out rythms that would eventually morph into chart-topping hits. These boys go way back…

It is from this quaint rural kitchen scene that the band found its name, deriving Wide Mouth Mason from the canning jar of the same moniker. Having already played countless bars, practiced countless hours and heard countless comments on the band’s ethnic mix, the band was ready for the big time in 1996. Their self-released The Nazerene met critical acclaim, and audiences were electrified by their blues, rock and pop inspired live show.

Wide Mouth Mason by Wide Mouth Mason was released when the band’s average age was a meager 21. Triumphed for breathing “new life into the blues-rock trio concept” the album was praised as intelligent and gutsy.

Despite the album’s success it was, and remains, their live show that draws the band’s growing fan base and accolades. Wide Mouth Mason received a Juno nomination in 1998 for ‘Best New Group’ and they continue to live up to the label. 2000 saw the release of another strong release, Stew , and the band’s popularity only continues to grow.



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