Treble Charger Biography


The airwaves are ablaze once again with a talented Canadian rock band. Only it’s not the Tragically Hip. Or Our Lady Peace. Or the Matthew Good Band. Or Moist. Or even Serial Joe. How such a sparsely populated country can produce such a multitude of quality rockers is beyond the grasp of most. The fact of the matter is Treble Charger has arrived, and they’ve only just begun.
Treble Charger is not a “new” band by any means. They arrived technically in 1992 after a name change from NC-17 (which sparked a threatened lawsuit by a US band with the same name). They fought back slightly by releasing their first “label” record (from their own label, “Smokin’ Worm Records”) entitled, indignantly enough, nc-17 . Arriving in an alternative music scene when alternative music was at its peak proved beneficial to Treble Charger, who soon saw their label eaten by the larger Sonic Unyon, and then the colossal BMG.

In 1997 Treble Charger released Maybe It’s Me , which lead to a five week tour in the United States with alternative heavyweights, the Foo Fighters.

The band didn’t let poor album sales in Canada dissuade them from continuing to write, practice and play.

Their latest release Wide Awake Bore is stirring up interest, once again securing their continued success in the new century. The band’s excitement over the release is hard to contain. Says Treble Charger’s drummer-supreme Trevor MacGregor: “I think the band is better now than it ever has been. We just keep it simple and rock out. Just really good songs and no crap. No candy, just meat. Or tofu, if that’s what’s you’re into. Playing this stuff is incredible – we’re really eager to eat it.”



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