Tony de Dilva: “All My Dreams”

Sincealbum1 the beginning of music, music has evolved, producing hundreds of styles and thousands of different bands and artists throughout its progression. In the past ten years, the advancement of music has seemed to accelerate even quicker, with new digital techniques, easier access to music through technologies such as MP3s, and globalization. In the midst of all this musical mayhem, it is easy to forget where it all began. One artist, however, has taken his love for the classic music of the mid-20th century and allowed it to manifest in a quality recording that stands out among its contemporaries. The artist’s name is Tony de Silva, and the album is All My Dreams.

In his music, Tony pays tribute to the roots of the music we know today as country and rock n’ roll. With twelve professionally crafted tracks, including three Elvis covers, de Silva offers a blast from the past branded with his own unique style.

All My Dreams has been an exciting project for de Silva, who had the opportunity to record in one of the finest venues south of the border (Canada-U.S., that is), in Studio 19 in Nashville, Tennessee. There, he collaborated with a quintessential group of musicians and friends to produce Dreams, his second album. Reggie Young, an experienced studio guitarist, adds a personal flare to this album with rock-inspired licks and fluid solos. Not only is de Silva’s music jam- packed with 1950s nostalgia – he also had help from the real thing while recording it. The Jordanaires, original backup vocalists for Elvis Presley, add an authentic touch to the music of All My Dreams. Tony himself has a naturally rich voice that can cover anything from crooning ballads to upbeat, danceable tunes. With this group of seasoned musicians and his own sharp musical instincts, de Silva produces nothing less than an excellent album.

From a man who has recorded an Elvis tribute album, listeners may expect to find a mere copy of the King’s musical act. There is, however, no evidence of a sparkly white suit or swivelling hips. It’s clear this man has a passion for singing and a natural ability that lends itself to the legendary music of yesterday, minus the studded collars. Apart from the three cover tunes, there are nine solid, original songs that reflect de Silva’s abundant talent and undying love for music. Although his musical style often resembles that of Presley, Tony still finds ways to incorporate his own personality into each song. When singing an Elvis cover, he brings the listener back to the post-war pop movement with just a hint of today glimmering through.

The Jordanaires are indeed one of the key ingredients to All My Dreams, adding a richness to the overall recording. Their experience and vocal expertise shine on each track, and their rich harmonies complement de Silva’s voice perfectly. This can be heard most clearly in the song “Home To Stay”, an a cappella number with a distinctively southern feel. In this short, soulful piece, the Jordanaires’ voices create a full sound that no other type of instrumentation could attempt to produce. de Silva tops the song off with a melody that is clearly coming straight from the heart.

In the MTV age of today, artists too often become caught up in image, money, and other such issues that dominate the music business. Tony de Silva, however, appears to be a true lover of music without the frills. All My Dreams is an eloquent culmination of this love, which has been put together with all the right elements to make a great recording. While he may not be a pioneer in the transience of modern music, his style and passion make up for any lack of originality there might be.

There are some who believe that the King of rock n’ roll still exists, and it may be concluded that he indeed does so, through the musical soul of Tony de Silva. With All My Dreams, de Silva has made a recording that pays a tribute to the style of music he was born to perform. This album seems to have been a joy to create and will surely bring pleasure to others who come across it.


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