Tegan and Sara Biography

tsThere seems to be a trend these days of young family musical groups- just look at newer bands like Hanson and the Moffatts, as well as older ones like the Osmonds and the phenomenal Jackson Five. Now, out of our own musically diverse country has sprung a new and notable act consisting of two very talented twin sisters. Tegan and Sara Quin, who record under the simple name of “Tegan and Sara” are young, ambitious, and have just released a new, energetic album entitled This Business of Art. Signed under the same label as Neil Young, these two girls would surely tickle the ears of this experienced folkie with their power-driven acoustic sound and aware lyrics.

This Business of Art presents a mixture of strong, rythymic music as well as softer tunes that reveal the girls’ vulnerabilities. “The First”, the lengthy first track on the album, has many different sections and demonstrates T and S’s talent as songwriters. The style of singing in this song, among others, hints at the influence of well-known folk artist Ani DiFranco. Many of the songs written by Tegan and Sara show a cynical, jaded side to them, an attitude that seems surprising considering their age. Superstar, the last song on the album, has haunting guitar picking at the beginning of the song and goes into a critic al but truthful rant about the celebrity lifestyle.

Other tracks like “Not With You” and “More For Me” show the anger that these two artists contain and have no problem expressing. Although many songs on this album have a darker edge, “Frozen” shows a brighter side of Tegan and Sara, in the mere positive ring of the music. The lyrics, although still quite complex, do show a bit of hapiness in the chorus with the repeated line “It’s not far to go”. “My Number” is softer and more sensitive than many of the songs on the album, although the sensitivity almost seems forced. With their talent, charisma and sisterly bond, it looks like Tegan and Sara may be able to help revive people’s love for folk music, and also attract listeners who prefer new technology and sounds. Either way, they will certainly make an impact in the young musical community and hopefully continue to produce more of the brilliant work they have yet demonstrated

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