Shania Twain Biography

shania5Now a full-fledged diva, Shania Twain has risen from humble beginnings in Timmons, Ontario to become one of the top selling Canadian artists of all times.

Known by most as just Shania, her music has taken country to a new level. Gone are the days of whiny voices with a Texas twang. Shania’s not so traditional sound has turned her into a country music sensation. She has received music awards at almost every imaginable venue: Junos, Grammys, American Music Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and the World Music Awards.

Though her musical ability is more than admirable, her extremely photogenic appearance does her popularity no harm. Her face has graced the cover of numerous magazines and a she holds a contract with REVLON.

As a young child, Shania learned to play the guitar and developed a talent for songwriting. Her obvious skills were noticed and appreciated by her parents who would take her to sing in bars (after hours), on local radio and at community events whatever chance they could. At age 21, Shania lost both of her parents to a car accident and became surrogate mother to her younger siblings.

For three years she sang showtunes at a resort to support her family until they became self-sufficient. At that time, she released a demo tape and within months Mercury Nashville signed her on.

In 1993, her self-titled debut performed well in Canada and the US. CMT Europe named her Rising Video Star of the Year. They were definitely on the right track.

Shortly after the 1993 release, Shania was contacted by Robert (Mutt) Lange, producer for Bryan Adams, Def Leppard and AC/DC.

The two teamed up and co-wrote her second album The Woman In Me, released in 1995.

This release catapulted Shania into stardom. It produced three number one hits and has sold more that 12 million copies worldwide. The album spent more than 100 weeks on the singles chart, an incredible feat for one album that had no tour dates.

Come On Over, 1997’s follow-up album, is a masterpiece. A collection of songs ranging from fun loving, almost pop tunes “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much” to powerful intense ballads like “From This Moment On” (a duet with Bryan White). Come On Over is comprised of 16 singles because Shania felt she couldn’t leave any of them out. A tribute to how personal and important this album is to her.

Shania’s phenomenal success can be attributed to her determination, hardwork and natural talent. Now, along with her enormous fan base, she will maintain her superstar status for years to come.


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