Sarah Harmer Biography


Sarah Harmer is working her way up the ranks on the list of highly talented and highly successful Canadian female performers. Growing up in southern Ontario, Harmer and some friends formed a band while attending Queen’s College. In 1994, Weeping Tile made its debut with Harmer as lead singer and lead songwriter.

After moderate success with the band, Harmer is on hiatus from Weeping Tile to work on her solo career. 1999 saw her playing with the Indigo Girls, Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea. Harmer’s debut solo album Songs for Clem, gained her critical praise and paved the way for her second solo album You Were Here. The album, released mid-2000 by Zoe Records, is a collection of folk stories in an acoustic setting which show us the depth of her talent.

Harmer has received acclamation from Time magazine as one of Ten Best of Music in 2000 drawing comparisons to Dido and the Indigo Girls. She is also featured on Bruce Springsteen’s album Highway Patrolman and on the latest Great Big Sea release, Road Rage. Though Harmer received a number of 2001 Juno Award nominations, for Best New Solo Artist and Best Pop Album, she walked away empty-handed. She did however give an amazing performance during the telecast, which led us to believe that she will be back.



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