Sass Jordan – Racine

sassMove over, Alanis. Step aside, Jewel. Sass Jordan, a singer and songwriter from Montreal, could give most singer-songwriters attitude lessons. She’s got a strong, gut-deep voice, and on Racine, her second album, she does as the album title implies and goes back to her roots. The result is a fine selection of rock and roll, with more than a hint of the blues in it.

“Make You a Believer,” “Time Flies,” and “Who Do You Think You Are” are especially strong, showing off Jordan’s voice to its best advantage. Bypassing the women-in-rock movement entirely–you’re unlikely to find her performing at the Lilith Fair–Jordan heads straight for the rock. Not nearly as well known outside of Canada as she should be, Sass Jordan is well worth discovering for yourself.

Copyright, 2000

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