Pocket Dwellers Biography

pocketA testament to a band’s diversity can be found in the stage they share. If this is true, mark the emerging Pocket Dwellers as one of the most versatile bands touring today. How many bands can boast of opening slots for Wide Mouth Mason, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Treble Charger, The Rascalz and the legendary jazz great Charlie Hunter.

Because of this versatility, it is difficult to lump the Pocket Dwellers into one general genre of music. The band is rock, jazz, soul mixed with flowing soul. It is pulsating drum’n’bass with a heavy funk kick. It is as diverse as its eight (yes eight!) band members which all lend to the up-and-coming band’s sound and its direction.

Emerging from the street-savvy core of Toronto in 1996, the Pocket Dwellers are perhaps best known for their live shows. After literally hundreds of performances criss-crossing the nation, it is easy to see why the band’s reputation has swelled upon the strength of these gigs.

Digitally Organic the Pocket Dweller’s 2000 release, captured the eclectic vibe of the band. Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, The Waltons), who was drawn to the band’s “ground breaking sound”, Digitally Organic is as strong a mixture of contemporary beats and street creed as is evident in the music world today. Overall, this album is a strong effort and highly recommended.

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