Our Lady Peace Biography

ourladypeace5Our Lady Peace has been one busy band in the brief 14 months between the release of ‘Happiness… Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch’ and their new disc, ‘Spiritual Machines.’ In that short period OLP kicked off two national tours of Canada; played extensive U.S. and European gigs; made appearances at events including the MuchMusic Video Awards and the Junos; participated in webchats with fans; worked on various side projects and – perhaps most importantly – found time for a little extracurricular reading. In fact, the array of events and experiences the guys packed in go a long way in explaining the creative spark that fuels ‘Spiritual Machines.’

The album title is taken from Ray Kurzweil’s book, ‘The Age of Spiritual Machines – When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence.’ While on the road, Mike stumbled upon the piece and quickly became inspired by Kurzweil’s potent words.

The book describes a world where the line between humanity and technology fades, and the computer ultimately becomes our teacher, companion and lover in a blur of man meets machine. The energy Mike derived from reading Ray Kurzweil’s work led to Raine ’s eventual investigation of the book. Since then, both Jeremy and Duncan have been absorbing Kurzweil’s ideas through their bandmate’s fascination with the book. Kurzweil’s impact is not only evident in the title of Our Lady Peace’s new album, but also with the band’s work itself.

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