k.d. lang Biography

kdlangWhoever thought that a small town girl could make such an impression on the world scene? Consort, Alberta is about as small as small town’s get, with approximately a restaurant, a gas station, a general store, and….well, you get the picture.

Here in the Neverland of dusty plains and cattle ranchers lies the roots of what became one of Canada’s most beloved, and original success stories.

A recent board game issued in Canada asks a most peculiar question to those who aren’t in the know: “what is the most famous lesbian vegetarian to come out of Consort, Alberta”. This only partially tells the tale of the grand k.d. lang.

Originally a country bumpkin, k.d lang first made a strong impression with such Western favourites Angel With A Lariat, and Absolute Torch and Twang. Somewhere along the line she made a transformation, pratically inventing her own genre of soulful, thoughtful songs, evident in such masterpieces as Ingenue and her latest release, Invincible Summer.

Not as outspoken on the issue of sexuality as some of her counterparts (think Ellen Degeneres), although still a strong supporter of gay rights, k.d.lang continues to make fine music, only growing with age. She has made the decision to let her music do the talking, a far cry from her earlier days when she had the entire Alberta beef industry in arms for decrying their homegrown product.

Mellowness is a good thing, and that pristine quality only makes k.d lang’s music shine. Now a fully transformed city girl, Miss Lang combines the best of both worlds, and hopefully will continue to do so.


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