Happy – Jann Arden

jannWell, it took a little longer, but the more I listened, the more I fell into the spell of Jann Arden. As background, Living Under June is, simply, one of the most enjoyable discs in my collection of several hundred for several reasons, among them, variety and quality of each song. That CD struck me as a stunning achievement from a little-known artist. Where June seemed to leap out of the stereo and one listen told me it was unforgettable, Happy took me several listens. But the dynamic lyrics are there, the melodies, fine musicianship and crisp, deep production are there, and although there isn’t as much external energy conveyed throughout the disc, the quiet rage that she feels in several of her songs shines through upon close listening. This woman has so much to say and says it in a way few others, of either gender, can. Yes, this is a fine CD and I CANNOT wait for the next one. Perhaps, someday, the foolish people who program radio stations in this country will present her in a format that will enable her to attract the masses she deserves. Until then, she’ll be our secret.

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