Deborah Cox Biography

deborahDeborah Cox’s self-titled debut made waves back in 1995, but perhaps not enough to prepare her for a much more crowded (and cutthroat) playing field this time around. As much as you want to applaud her for sticking to her soul on One Wish, you can’t help longing for a pop crossover hit like “Sentimental” and “Who Do U Love?” The first single, “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here,” is a disappointing attempt, but “September” and the title track–which ups the ante on the funk –step up to the challenge. Naughty by Nature’s Kay-Gee helms the boards on the Next-flavored ballad, “It’s Over Now,” and R.L. of Next cameos on “We Can’t Be Friends,” a classic-style duet that has all the ingredients for a melodic masterpiece.

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