Cowboy Junkies Biography

album1In 1996 the Cowboy Junkies could have gone one of two ways: they could have veered away from their familiar melancholic, somber sound or dug deeper into the groove. They chose the latter. Margo Timmins’s distinctively sleepy, seductive vocals never sounded better–here she perfects the art of the subtle attack, best exemplified by the radio hit “A Common Disaster.” The band knows when to pull back (it lays a spare, delicate foundation for her wispy words on tracks like “Something More Besides You” and the achingly beautiful “Now I Know”) and when to let a groove build  (“Speaking Confidentially,” “Lay It Down,” “Come Calling”). “Angel Mine” wears the band’s love for country music plainly on its sleeve, and the stunning “Bea’s Song” shimmers.

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