Chantal Kreviazuk Biography

chantal2Like fellow Canadian Wayne Gretzky, Chantal Kreviazuk displayed remarkable talent at a young age. Only three years old, an observant Kreviazuk began playing the piano simply by watching her brothers. Like Gretzky, a passion was born and so began the Cinderella story of the young woman from Winnipeg.

Her talent would bring her to the Arts Studies program at the University of Winnipeg where she trained in classical piano. But, her great love for pop music, which was present throughout her upbringing, was displayed in her secretive songwriting while consistent practice took her on the local lounge circuit.

It was only while recovering from a serious motorcycle accident that Kreviazuk began to write songs that would eventually be featured on her first CD. The accident, in which she received some serious facial damage and a broken femur, may have been a blessing in disguise. Although difficult, recovery allowed her the time and introspection she needed to fully dedicate herself to her music.

The dedication paid off and in 1996 Kreviazuk signed with Sony Music to a guaranteed $1-million, two record deal.

Her first release, Under These Rocks & Stones debuted in 1997 as perhaps the most under-appreciated album of the year. Despite critical acclaim, it wasn’t until the release of “Leaving On A Jet Plane” off the 1998 smash soundtrack Armageddon, that fans took notice. Appearances on Conan O’Brien and in Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair followed allowing Rocks and Stones to go platinum and the creation of her large fan-base was born. After an impressive tour, Kreviazuk returned to the studio to record Colour Moving & Still in early 1999. To date there has been no signs of the fan uncertainty present with her first release. The powerful first single release from the album “Before You” has been a radio regular and is indicative of the amazing sound that Kreviazuk is able to produce. Praised as “introspective, candid and evocative” “Color Moving and Still” is the second chapter of what promises to be a complete series.

After a surpise 2000 Juno Award as “Female Singer of the Year” and her marriage to Our Lady Peace frontman, Raine Maida, life is looking up for Canada’s Cinderella…

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