“Greatest Hits Vol.1” – – Blue Rodeo

Part of the long-time appeal of Blue Rodeo – a band that is perhaps one of the most perfect hybrids of rock, country and blues – has been their ability to continually release album after album filled with worthwhile songs. Worthwhile not only in the sense of listening pleasure, but also in the sense that this band increases the intrinsic value of music; music is better for having Blue Rodeo influence upcoming bands and artists shaping the face of future music.

It is perhaps fitting then that the band’s Greatest Hits, Vol.1 will stand as one of the quintessential collections of music by a Canadian band. Offering tunes spanning close to fifteen years, this best-of album displays the group’s diversity and ability to morph style, lead singer and lyric to produce a sound that is distinctively their own, yet indubitably different with every word and beat.

Greatest Hits, Vol.1 makes an offer for every mood: the hazy, smoke-filled “Diamond Mine” counters the delicate, soulful “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”; the tender, summerish “Lost Together” mixes sweetly with the haunting Sarah McLachlan-backed “Dark Angel”. Other featured classics include the radio staples “Try”, “Till I Am Myself Again”, “5 Days in May”, and “Trust Yourself”.

A testament to the band’s ability comes in one of the new songs featured on the album: the Bee Gee’s classic “To Love Somebody”. The song melts flawlessly into the classic tracks and if the listener didn’t know better, would pass as a Blue Rodeo original.

Greatest Hits Vol.1 is an accomplishment and a strong sampling of the band’s repertoire.


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