I, Bificus- Bif Naked

So sue me, I’m a late bloomer. I’ve heard smatterings about Bif Naked for the last year or so, living in the Metro Detroit area (where the best radio station is a Canadian one, CIMX 88.7, a.k.a. 89X), and being receptive to bands from our neighbor to the south (yes, that’s right, Detroit is north of Windsor). There’s a pure soulfulness to Bif’s music that’s hard to find these days. Bif isn’t the latest prepackaged “thang” from the MTV network; instead, she’s a sincere, brutally honest, and truly talented musician that I’m sure makes Winnipegers proud. Whether you believe that she’s “Gwen Stefani’s evil twin” or you realize that in between the smatterings of No Doubt, Alanis, Ska, etc. influences there’s a sound here that’s all Bif’s own, and it’s more than striking.

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