Amanda Marshall Biography

Amanda MarshallA childhood goal has turned into reality for Toronto’s Amanda Marshall. Since the time she was a young student at Toronto’s Conservatory of Music, Marshall knew that she wanted to be involved in the music industry.

At 19, singing in a nightclub, Marshall was discovered by guitarist Jeff Healy who took her on tour with him knowing that she had very little experience. He was impressed with her voice which got her an offer for a record deal while she was touring with Healy. She turned the deal down fearing that her lack of experience would hurt her in the long run.

Marshall continued developing herself as an artist until she felt comfortable enough to begin recording. This time she hooked up with Alannah Myles and David Tyson to work on some original material. Once again Marshall was attracting the big labels. This time it was Sony who wanted her. And they got her.

Her first album was released in 1996 and spawned six hit singles with huge successes coming from the radio single “Birmingham.” Though a lot of Marshall’s fan base is in Canada, she has found a huge supporter in England, Sir Elton John who picked up her CD at a London HMV.

The recommendation by Elton John was enough for radio to pick up on this album. Touring with Tom Cochrane and John Mellancamp are also part of her successes.

In May 1999, Marshall’s second effort Tuesday’s Child was released with the powerful first single “Love Left Me.” We see her full talent in this production as Marshall co-wrote 12 of the album’s 13 songs.

At the age of 27, Amanda Marshall still has many years left to write and perform adult contemporary music and improve on a style that is quite unique.

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