Eric Burdon – “Absolutely The Best”


Have you ever wondered what happens to an animal after they venture back into the wild? Some try to survive and fail, others just sustain some semblance of life, but then there are others still who not only achieve success, but make it look easy. The former Animals lead singer, Eric Burdon, proves withAbsolutely The Best that he is one of the rare few to fit the last designation.

Burdon began his long and successful career on and off with The Animals, as lead singer. He then created Eric Burden and War, partnered with Jimmy Witherspoon for an album, had a solo career and then proceeded with a few Animals reunions in between. Over the years Burdon has become an accomplished writer, singer, artist and actor, developing his unending artistic abilities, always doing what he wants – successfully.

His newest release, Absolutely The Best, showcases some of the best songs he has released during his career, with a little musical freshening. From the signature song, “House of the Rising Sun” to other classics such as “We’ve Gotta Get Outta This Place” and “Spill The Wine”, Burden once again proves his timelessness.

Burdon’s voice is still smooth and distinct; as both “House Of The Rising Sun”and “San Franciscan Night” showcase. You can feel the passion he possesses for music through such releases as “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” and “Bring It On Home To Me.” The album takes an upbeat swing with “Boom Boom” and “I’m Crying.” “Don’t Bring Me Down” is an interesting song where he talks (actually sings) to his significant other about all of her complaining and criticizing, but it is done with a lighter approach. Throughout the whole album you can feel how deeply Burdon has put part of his soul into these songs.

With the release of Absolutely The Best, Burdon is introducing a whole new generation to his classic music while giving his long-time fans new, updated versions of the songs they love the most from all of the collaborations he has made in the past. Burdon has always done what he has wanted to do, whether it be musically, or in other fields, each time changing his outer-self a little to reflect the changes within. It is an interesting journey to watch and lets all hope that Burdon allows us to watch these changes for many years to come.

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