Buckcherry – “Time Bomb”


“Everywhere in my life, people find it hard to be truthful. It’s a problem. The truth always serves you best, but people seem to have very different ideas about what the truth is.” Band member Josh Todd reflects on what Time Bomb, their newest album really meant in terms of lyrics and music. He realizes that fame isn’t always the answer, especially for the small town band Buckcherry.

Consisting of 5 members: vocalist Josh Todd, guitarist Keith Nelson, guitarist Yogi, bassist J.B. and drummer Devon Glenn, up-and-coming rock band Buckcherry has the potential to ‘rock this world’. The band has attempted to stay truer to their serious, twisted lyrics for Time Bomb, unlike their debut self-titled album Buckcherry. In order to this, the band collaborated with producer John Travis, who is well-known for his work with Kid Rock and Monster Magnet.

The band wanted to keep a heavy-metal rock flavour for Time Bomb, and their music shows this. They agree that growing up listening to Kurt Cobain, Aerosmith, The Sex Pistols and other classic bands has shown them the way to their own individualistic style. After spending much of 1999 and 2000 on the road with bands such as Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz, Buckcherry continues to seek their own route with their own music.

Their discontent with censorship seeps into their lyrics, with songs such as “Porno Star” and “Slamin'” screaming at you though the entire album.

The band sell themselves as huge fans of profanity, but also agree that it isn’t profanity that makes a song, but the feeling. Vocalist Todd pressures that as a protestor against censorship, he also has to accept that he has to make censored versions of their records so stores can retail them.

The band has a distinct Offspring-like feel in their lighter tracks, yet a darker Staind feel at their deeper moments; a variety of tracks weave together into a greater picture on Time Bomb. The classic rock of “Ridin'” has an upbeat, bass sound to it, making it a perfect track to go out on the road to. “It’s about the love and camaraderie that goes around in life, the moving circus. We’re a constantly moving entertainment factory.”, says vocalist Todd about the track.

“Place in the Sun”, a track written when Todd was at a depressing point in his life, shows a more emotive side of the band. Nelson comments, “On the first record, a lot of the songs started with Josh writing music, but with this record, he focused more on lyrics. On this song, he had the chorus and we built the song around that. It’s a real collaborative effort.”

Time Bomb — with its rock attitude — deserves to heard, if only for its lyrics. Buckcherry is a band worthy of not just teenage rock junkies, but of even the older fans. After all, when one’s influences include KISS, the Rolling Stones and Rage, how can you resist?



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