Platinum Blonde – Seven Year Itch

Platinum Blonde was formed in Toronto, Canada in 1982 during the heyday between the end of the disco boom and the beginnings of the hard rock glam sound. New wave music was in its glory and bands like the Police, Duran Duran and Billy Idol were combining fashion and sound looking to cash in on the new art form- the music video.

Vocalist Mark Holmes, guitarist Sergio Galli, bassist Kenny MacLean and percussionist Chris Steffer was Canada’s answer to those bands. In 1983, Platinum Blonde released its debut album, “Standing in the Dark,” for Epic Records Canada. That album and the singles from it, “It Doesn’t Really Matter” and “Standing in The Dark” became instant hits in Canada and attracted attention south of the border.

Platinum Blonde became overnight sensations and put Canadian rock on the world music scene. The following year in 1984, the band released a second album,” Alien Shores” in a North American wide release in both the U.S. and Canada. While the album was certified platinum status five times over in Canada, signifying 500, 000 copies sold in that country, it did not take off as expected in the U.S.A.. The band supported both albums by constant touring and music videos.

In 1987 the band decided to change direction with the release of the rock funk-styled album, “Contact” but the fan and label support was just not there anymore and it proved to be the band’s swan song. Internal strife, label conflicts and a sound that could not be pigeon holed became too much and by 1989 Platinum Blonde was no more. The band reformed in 1989 with new members as The Blondes and recorded one more album but its time had passed.

Seven Year Itch compiles 16 of the “best” tracks from the band’s three Epic albums and contains all of the band’s chart hits in addition to key album tracks and personal band member and fans selections. All songs have been remastered and the set contains a detailed booklet that contains photos and in depth information on each song along with the story of the rise and fall of Platinum Blonde by noted writer Ralph Alfonso.

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