Lorraine Lawson: “Quiet Nights”


Imagine a romantic evening with that ‘special someone’. You want mood-inducing background music, but you are not sure exactly what. You want something a little different, something that won’t challenge you to try and figure out what the artist is trying to say. Something quiet but enjoyable, simple, and captivating to listen to. Looking for the above? Quiet Nights, the new release from Lorraine Lawson is a superb choice.

Lawson has been involved in music since she was a child. Studying at the School of the Arts in her native Etobicoke and Toronto’s Humber College, Lawson honed the skills of her trade in both vocals and dance. She not only used these tools for herself, but taught them to others as well to help pay her way during her own education.

Her first nationally released album, If I Could, not only received much airplay in Canada, but some radio stations were contacting her for it as the album was released independently. At HMV in Toronto, Lawson even managed to dethrone Mariah Carey for a week in the mainstream listings, reaching the number one position in sales with the release of the title track of the album.

With her new release Quiet Nights, Lawson gets to show the phenomenal strength and extensive range of her voice with old, familiar jazz and pop standards. From the first release, “Waiting In Vain” to “My Funny Valentine” Lawson’s voice seems to float through the air rather than out of the speakers. The music that accompanies her is soft and complimentary – rather than overpowering – allowing the listener to experience the absolute control this woman has over her voice. You hear her strength in “Still Crazy After All These Years”, along with the sultry and sexiness she can relay with releases such as “It Had To Be You” or “Beautiful Love”.

This entire album gives one the feeling of floating on a cloud. It is strong and soft at the same time, definitely something to listen to when one is trying to relax, or setting the mood for a quiet romantic evening. With this release, Lawson not only demonstrates her overall qualities, but her breathtaking a cappella ability, based on the quality, strength and range of her voice. Verdict: yet another Canadian heading for international success.

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