Aerial – “The Complete Aerial Collection”

Aerial was originally formed by Gary O’Connor as Liverpool, a Beatles tribute band, who had recorded several singles on Taurus Records the mid 70’s. Based on the success of the hit single “Dolly”, the band was signed to Anthem Records, home of Rush and Max Webster and at the insistence of the record company, changed their name to Aerial.

The act lasted only two years producing two albums for the label, In The Middle Of The Night (1978) andManeuvers (1980). The band had two moderately successful singles “Moments Like This” and “Easy Love” both from the first album.

Following the band’s demise shortly after the release of their second album, Gary O’Connor signed to RCA Records and release two solo albums as Gary O’ before becoming world renowned as a songwriter.

The Complete Aerial Collection, released by MaGaDa Heritage International compiles both of the Anthem albums, digitally remastered, together on a single CD. Although there are no additional tracks or in-depth liner notes with this set, this release is a welcome reissue of some sought after and hard to find Canadian music that has been unavailable for many years.


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