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Classy bunch we Canadians are.  At a recently Toronto Maple Leafs game vs Nashville in Toronto, the singer’s equipment cut out during the US anthem.  Did this end the song?  Heck no!  The Canadian crowd finished the US national anthem along with her.

These sorts of things make me proud to be a CanEHdian.


Bieber ArgentinaLove him or hate him, Justin Bieber is one of our hottest Canadian exports.  However, he’s in a bit of hot water in Argentina where a judge there recently ruled he’s to be questioned in a criminal case where the ‘beebs supposedly sent a bodyguard to rough up a photographer during his 2013 South American tour.

“The evidence from witnesses, footage and photos shows that he didn’t wanted his pictures taken,” Judge Facundo Cubas told The Associated Press in an interview. “That led his bodyguards to chase down after the photographers and it was followed by a beating.”

Bieber is to be notified through Interpol that he has 60 days to appear for questioning.  Will the kid make an appearance?  What do you think?


ed-the-sockEd The Sock, a Canadian icon of non-PC commentary weighs in on the Jian Ghomeshi sex scandal at CBC.


canadian-beaverAfter being offline for a matter of, well, years, we’re proud to bring you Canadian entertainment information and news with a distinctly CanEHdian twist!

It’s going to take a while to rebuild this all, but in the meantime I mean to bring you links, content and images as best I can.  Honestly a lot of the archive was lost — artist bios, album reviews, ugh… awful.  But really we’re making an effort to bring back as much as we can.

Check out a few Canadian music blogs that I’ve been keeping my eyes on lately:

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Cheers, ya hosers.